Grade Four

Note: Proper footwear, rubber boots or closed toed shoes, is essential for students, teachers and parent volunteers to maximize the learning potential and related enjoyment of these programs.


Cross Country Skiing

Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Habitats and Communities

Through a series of hands-on demonstrations and activities, students will analyse the effects of human activities on habitats and communities. To investigate the structural adaptations that allows plants and animals to survive in specific habitats, and to develop an understanding of a community as a group of interacting species sharing a common habitat, students will visit a mini-farm, and collect creatures from the forest floor and our beaver pond. Observations will be recorded on a supplied graphic organizer.

Predator and Prey Survival Game (Habitats and Communities)

Students will play a role in the food chain as a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore, as it may occur on the Niagara Escarpment. Our version of the survival game shows the interdependence of all organisms within a local forest community. It examines food chains, food webs, and shows the concept of energy flow within an ecosystem. Students will experience both the struggle all organisms on the escarpment must go through, and the impact humans can have on wildlife populations, food chains, and ecosystems.

Pulleys and Gears

To develop an understanding of the basic principles and functions of pulley and gear systems, students will, through a series of interactive activity stations, experiment with pulleys and gears of different sizes and combinations, and construct a wishing well.

Rocks and Minerals

Students will investigate, test, and compare the physical properties of rocks and minerals. Students will also investigate how rocks and minerals are used and disposed of in everyday life, as well as describe how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.


Please see Winter Programs for more details. Meets Health and Physical Education curriculum strands. 

Walker Aggregates Quarry Bus Tour

This is a half day program which complements the Rocks and Minerals program. Students will experience a working quarry while on a bus tour to the Walker Aggregates Quarry (neighbouring Highlands). The tour will involve hands-on samples of quarry product and equipment. Your school bus transportation is required to stay at Highlands in order to transport your class to and around the quarry.

Wayfaring (Map Work)

Students will participate in a map reading program which builds on learned skills as they venture through three progressively challenging levels of maps. Students will only advance after successful completion of each stage.

General Information

  • All Programs must be reserved in advance and are designed as half-day sessions for a minimum of 15 students per program. Two half-day programs make an exciting full-day program.
  • Program runs rain or shine (unless extreme weather conditions are forecasted).
  • Supervisors are expected to remain with their group throughout the visit (program/lunch) and are responsible for discipline.
  • December to March, combine one half-day program, with half-day cross-country skiing or snowshoeing